Association By-Laws (Approved 31 March 2021)

ARTICLE I – NAMEThe name of this organization shall be the Quail Creek Veterans Golf Association 
(QCVGA), a non-profit social club, hereafter referred to in the By-laws as the Club.

ARTICLE II – PURPOSEThe purpose of the Club shall be to promote the game of golf and to encourage interaction, friendship and good sportsmanship among Quail Creek residents who are members.   To this end, the Club will sponsor golf games, tournaments and social activities for Club members and their invited guests.  The Club will also serve the local veteran and active-duty communities by conducting fund raising events to support local military families, veterans and veteran’s organizations in need of financial assistance.

ARTICLE III – MEMBERSHIPSection 1.  Membership EligibilityAll Membership shall be voluntary and of two classes: Club Golf Membership or Club Social Membership.Membership is open to all Quail Creek residents.Membership is also open to nonresident male and female military (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) veterans who have purchased a Quail Creek annual golf membership.Membership in the Club will be terminated if the member fails to pay the annual dues, or if the member chooses to resign membership or if the Club terminates the membership by a two-thirds vote of the Club Board (see Article 8, Section 2).All active members shall be eligible to hold office; vote; and participate in all activities sponsored by the Club.     Section 2.  DuesAnnual dues for Club Golf Memberships will include the basic membership cost (e.g., for 2021:  $15) plus the Arizona Golf Association fee (e.g., for 2021:  $35). Payment of the aforementioned annual dues ($50) shall be required to participate in the annual “Battle of the Branches” prize portion of that tournament, in any “members only” tournaments or the Club championship. The Club Social Membership will include only the basic membership cost (e.g., for 2021:  $15).Annual dues shall be payable on or after October 16th for the following year.  All dues paid on or after October 16th will cover the dues for the remainder of the current year and the following calendar year. Dues will be considered delinquent as of January 1st.  Unpaid members will be removed from active member status on January 31.An inactive player must pay dues before his/her first day of play or participation in a “members only” Club event.  Membership will be restored immediately without penalty upon payment of dues.New members joining before October 16th will pay full dues including AGA Handicap fees unless AGA Handicap fees are paid through other AGA sponsored associations. These fees will apply for membership through the end of the current year.Changes in dues may be proposed and approved by the Board of Directors. Notification to the membership must be made prior to October 16th with implementation effective immediately upon notification of membership.

ARTICLE IV – HANDICAPSAll handicaps shall be based on the USGA handicap rules as managed by the Arizona Golf Association.All members and guests are eligible to play in Club sponsored golf events. However, Members-Only, Club Championship, ‘Battle of the Branches Tournaments’ winners must have a Club USGA Handicap, AGA Handicap or AGA trend handicap.  Members with Temporary Handicaps may play and are eligible to win in all tournaments except Club Championship.The Handicap Chairperson must approve all temporary handicaps. Temporary handicaps are defined as “after at least five scores have been posted, the club will be eligible to issue a Handicap Index to the player in accordance with the USGA Handicap System.”The Club monitors the AGA Handicap System for all active members.The maximum Handicap Index is 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women.  Refer to USGA Handicap System Manual – Section 3-4 Maximum Handicap Index also refer to Section 10-5d.  

ARTICLE V – BOARD OF DIRECTORS   Section 1.  Board CompositionThe Board will consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Handicap Chairperson, Tournament Chairperson, Rules Chairperson and Membership Chairperson.  The immediate Past President will be an advisor to the Board but will have no voting rights unless he or she holds one of the vote-eligible positions listed above.All Board Members, other than the President, will be elected as “at-large” members of the Board.  The President will be elected by the membership to serve in the position of President.  The President will select from and appoint the elected at-large members to the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Handicap Chairperson, Rules Chairperson, Tournament Chairperson and Membership Chair.  At the first General Membership Meeting after the election, the President will announce his appointments to the General Membership.  No Board member shall hold more than one Board position with one exception – any Board member may also serve as Tournament Chairperson.  Board members may be appointed to serve on any committee except Nominations and Elections Committee and/or Disciplinary Committee.A Tournament chairperson will be selected from the elected Board members and appointed by the President for a one-year term.  The Tournament Chairperson may be reappointed by the President each year thereafter.The Board of Directors shall perform the duties prescribed by these bylaws and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Club.The Board of Directors shall have the authority to fill any vacant Board Member position with an appointee for the remainder of the term of office for the position that was vacated. The Board member selected to complete the remaining term of a departed board member will be eligible to seek an additional term of three years, if so desired.The President shall appoint an AGA representative from the Board.Section 2.  Board of Directors – Duties and PowersThe Board of Directors will be the governing body of the Club.The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Club between its business meetings; and performs the duties as are specified in these bylaws.The Board will be responsible for approving the budget for the current year as presented by the treasurer.  Section 3.  Nominating Procedure – Time of ElectionsThe Nominations and Elections Committee will be responsible for recruiting candidates for office.  (Refer Article VIII, Section 1.)The President, to be nominated, must have been a member of the Club for at least 2 years, or have served in any office on the Board of Directors within the last three years, or have had similar experience that would assist him in the responsibilities as President. The qualifying experience will be determined by the Nominations and Elections Committee.The Nominations and Elections Committee will prepare ballots and present the slate of candidates to the members in the month of November by posting the slate of candidates on the Pro Shop bulletin board and the QCVGA website.  In addition, all members will be notified by email by the Nominations and Elections Committee.  Voting by means of email response to the Nominations and Elections Committee’s call for votes will be the primary voting procedure.  At any member’s request, paper ballots will be mailed to members without Internet access.The Nominations and Elections Committee will count the ballots and present them to the Board of Directors prior to the end of the calendar year.  Results will be announced to the membership by the President before the first meeting of the new year.The President, with the approval of the Board, shall present the winning candidates at the first Board or Membership meeting of the new year.Section 4.  Ballot Election – Term of OfficeAll Board terms of office begin January 1st and end December 31st.The President shall be elected to serve a one-year term.  All other Board members shall be elected to serve three years, except for the Tournament Chairperson (see Article V, Section 1).Members of the Board, including the President, who have been elected to and have served on the Board will be eligible to run for reelection.The newly elected Board Members will assume their Board position and responsibilities in January following the first Board or Membership meeting.  

ARTICLE VI – DUTIES OF BOARD MEMBERS    Section 1.  PresidentThe President shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the Club and shall set agendas for and preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors.The President shall act as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominations and Elections Committee.The President shall appoint all Special Committee Chairs with approval of the Board.The President will determine the hour and place of Board and Membership meetings.    Section 2.  Vice-PresidentThe Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence.In the event the President cannot finish his term, the Vice-President shall serve as President for the balance of the year and will be eligible for nomination and election as President for the next year.    Section 3.  SecretaryThe Secretary shall keep a correct record of all decisions made at meetings of the Club and Board of Directors.The Secretary will maintain the Club files.The Secretary will handle correspondence as requested    Section 4.  TreasurerThe Treasurer shall keep full, accurate, and current records of all funds received and dispersed as defined by the established budget.All funds will be deposited in the name of the Club in a depository approved by the Board of Directors.The Treasurer shall provide a monthly financial statement to the Board which will be known as the monthly Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer shall disburse any funds that have been approved in the established budget or as directed by the Board.The President, Vice-President, and Treasurer may sign checks and two signatures may be required on amounts over a limit as specified by the Board of Directors.An annual audit of the Club books shall be made. The Board of Directors shall appoint one non-board member who will conduct the audit. This audit will take place prior to the end of the year with audit results and a report of the Club’s financial status presented at the first meeting of the new year.The Treasurer will provide a projected budget at the first Board meeting in January. Proposed budget must be authorized by a vote of the Board and presented to the membership at the January Membership Meeting. The Treasurer will monitor Club’s performance to budget and report any major variance to the Board as part of the monthly Treasurer’s Report.The Treasurer shall perform other duties as are incidental to the office.Section 5.  Tournament ChairpersonMajor tournament dates must also be coordinated with other Tournament Chairpersons of other Quail Creek organizations and their related tournaments.The Tournament Chairperson shall administer the tournaments in accordance with the directives of the Board of Directors.The Tournament Chairperson shall further appoint one or more members of the Club to assist with these responsibilities. The Tournament Chairperson must provide these members (when appropriate) with a copy of the software tournament package and provide thorough training so that he/they may administer the job of Tournament Chairperson in his absence.The Tournament Chair shall be responsible for posting Tournament and golf event registration information on the QC Pro Shop bulletin board and the “What’s Happening” section of the Quail Creek Website.The Tournament Chairperson will resolve all disputes and/or doubtful points which occur during Club events per USGA Rule 34-3.  Rules disputes will be resolved with the help of the Rules Chairperson.Section 6.  Handicap ChairpersonThe Handicap Chairperson may appoint members to the Handicap Committee as needed with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.The Committee is responsible to the Club for all aspects of the AGA Handicap System.The Committee will be responsible for overseeing the posting of scores and the updating of members’ AGA Handicap Indexes. The primary responsibility is the accuracy of member handicaps which is dependent on complete scoring records.The committee is responsible for seeing that members turn in all acceptable scores for peer review as indicated in the USGA Handicap manual.All members of the Handicap Committee must be AGA certified. If any member is not certified the member must attend an AGA Handicap Seminar and obtain certification as soon as possible. At least one member of the Club must be handicap certified to retain the Club handicap license. Failure to obtain handicap certification can be grounds for removal from office.The Handicap Chairperson, in cooperation with the Membership Chairman, will enter membership information into the Handicap program and resolve all handicap issues.The Handicap Chairperson will coordinate with the Membership Chairperson to establish a handicap for new members.Section 7.  Rules ChairpersonThe Rules Chairperson will appoint members to the Rules Committee as needed with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.The Rules Chairperson will resolve all rules disputes which occur during Club events per U.S.G.A. Rule 34-3.The Rules Chairperson will attempt to foster improved knowledge of the Rules of Golf by Club members as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.Section 8.  Membership ChairpersonThe Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for keeping an up-to-date roster of all members, ensuring that all new members are welcomed by means of written letter or email communication.Membership Chairperson will assure all new members are aware of the by-laws and the activities and workings of the Club and how they are administered.The Membership Chairman will provide password, access and information regarding the Club website.The Membership Chairperson will collect Club dues.The Membership Chairperson will coordinate social and recruitment events with the Publicity and Social Committees to endeavor to increase membership.The Membership Chairperson will provide at least monthly communication with all members by means of email messages to keep all members informed of all golf and social activities.The Membership Chairperson shall be responsible for monitoring and maintenance of the QC Pro Shop QCVGA bulletin board.  Membership Chair will assure correct and timely posting of information (including posting of candidates for Board positions chosen by the Nomination Committee) and maintain appearance and tidiness of postings. The Membership Chairperson will assure prompt delivery of all checks and payments of Club dues and tournament registrations to the Club Treasurer for deposit and notification to the appropriate committees.

ARTICLE VII – MEETINGS    Section 1.  Membership MeetingsThe Annual Membership Meeting for all members (which may be conducted concurrently or immediately following the January Board Meeting) will be held in January at an announced time and date and shall be for the purpose of presenting the incoming Board of Directors, receiving reports of officers and committees, and conducting any other business that may arise.Special membership meetings may be called by the Board of Directors at any time.  A two-week advance notice of these meetings to the membership is requested whenever possible and appropriate.    Section 2.  Board of Directors MeetingsBoard meetings will be held monthly or at the discretion of the President.Ad-hoc Board Meetings shall be called upon by the written request (email counts as “written”) from a minimum of 5 members of the Club.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the request.    Section 3.  QuorumThe total number of Club members present at any regular, annual or   special membership meeting shall constitute a quorum.At least one-half of the Board of Directors must be present at a Board meeting to constitute a quorum.  

ARTICLE VIII – COMMITTEES / REPRESENTATIVES    Section 1.    Nominations and Elections CommitteeThe President, prior to November 1st, shall appoint a nominating committee.The members of the committee shall neither be candidates for the Board nor current members of the Board.    Section 2.     Disciplinary CommitteeAny member of the Club, including all Board members and the Club President, may be subject to disciplinary action including expulsion.At the written request of any member, the Club Board will meet with that member at a Special Meeting to hear the complaint and determine if there are sufficient grounds for further investigation or action.If there are grounds for further investigation, the President shall appoint a non-board member to be the Disciplinary Committee Chairperson, who will then, appoint two additional members to the committee. Members of this committee cannot be Board members.If the subject of the complaint is the President, the Vice President will appoint the Disciplinary Committee Chairperson who will select two additional non-Board members to form the Disciplinary Committee.The committee shall investigate disciplinary problems; review evidence and provide disciplinary recommendations to the Board of Directors.Recommended discipline shall be one of the following: no action; reprimand; suspension; or expulsion.The Board of Directors shall call for a special meeting of the Board, open to all members, to review complaints and evidence.  The Board may impose any of the disciplinary actions upon a two-thirds vote of the members of the Board in attendance at the disciplinary hearing.    Section 3.     Special CommitteesSpecial committees such as Charity, Social and Publicity may be created as deemed necessary by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.Board members, as well as any active member, may serve as chairman or a member of these committees.    Section 4.    Website CommitteeThe President may appoint a member who will be responsible for maintenance and updating of the Club website.    Section 5.  AGA RepresentativeThe AGA Representative’s primary function as Club Delegate is serving as a liaison for the Club regarding AGA services, benefits and programs.The AGA Representative is the communication link between the AGA and the Club.The AGA Representative will advise the Club of all updated information and disseminate the information to the club members in a timely and efficient manner.

ARTICLE  IX – ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES    Section 1.  AmendmentThese Bylaws may be amended at any regular, annual, or special meeting by two-thirds vote of those members present, or by an e-mail ballot by a two-thirds vote of the membership that voted.Notice of said amendment must be posted in the Pro Shop and on the Club’s website and communicated by e-mail two weeks prior to the date of such meeting.    Section 2.   AuthorityThe rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the Club at all Club meetings.    Section 3.  DissolutionThe Club may be dissolved by resolution of the Board of Directors and approved by a two-thirds majority of the members present at any general or special meeting provided notice of said action has been posted two weeks prior to the date of such meeting.If the members vote to dissolve the Club, they shall also determine by a majority vote the distribution to be made of any assets or liquidation of any liabilities of the Club.–

Approved 3/31/2021 by email voteQuail Creek Veterans Golf Association