Recent and upcoming events


As we welcome the continued distribution of a vaccine for the virus and hope for better days ahead, we are moving forward with membership renewals for 2021. To date, 42 brave souls have signed up for the coming year. We welcome more and now is the best time to join as AGA offers a $5 discount for new members or renewals through the end of the current calendar year. It will get better, things will open up again and we will be ready to resume a full slate of activities.

Our President, Rene Gill, has been working to come up with an alternate events as a show of good faith. So far he has been able to work within the COVID guidelines to organize two outings, one at Sewaillo on November 10th and another at San Ignacio on December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day). He promises there will be more to come as we await the full reopening of facilities here at Quail Creek. Tom Haberer is back in town and has some great ideas for social activities once the restrictions are eased and we can safely get together again. Stay safe and stay tuned for more information.

Battle of the Branches

Hopefully, this virus will be under control by March, 2021 so we can resume our normal charity events. The Battle of the Branches will be scheduled as soon as we know things are somewhat back to normal. If conditions warrant, we are ready to shift the date so we can continue this important event.


The virus hasn’t stopped the need for deserving veterans who require assistance during these difficult times. Our charity committee continues to work with support groups like Women Warriors to provide help. Our fundraising has been curtailed by restrictions put in place to control the spread of COVID. Fortunately, we had some funds in reserve and were able to provide requested help with a check for $1,000.00 to this group back in early September.

We hope to get back to hosting events in 2021 so that we can continue our mission of assisting these support groups to the degree that we have always done in the past.